This just in: ASLIU bargaining bulletin

Big change is coming at Digital First

Digital First Media, owner of the San Jose Mercury News and 75 other dailies, is seeking buyers for part or all of its business. This news comes five days after The Newspaper Guild-CWA initiated its own search for new investors at Digital First, where newsroom staffs and budgets have been cut to the bone under its ownership. In response to the company's announcement Friday, Sept. 12, Newspaper Guild President Bernie Lunzer stated, "It has been clear for some time that the hedge fund which owns the majority of Digital First Media was not operating the company as a long-term investment.” Here are stories about the campaign, what happened when the Santa Rosa Press Democrat was sold and some history in San Mateo.

Guild begins campaign
By Guild staff

News staffs fight back
By Richard Knee

The North Bay example
By Derek Moore

Veteran San Mateo columnist
surveys media landscape

By John Horgan

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Bargaining frustration continues

ASLIU and Purple negotiators once again failed to reach agreement on a first contract. The most noteworthy feature of the meeting was the near total lack of preparation on the management side of the table.

IUE members in Fallon.  From left to right. Mike Kubiak, Bill Archer, Mike Tolzmann, Jeff Martens, John Hendrick, Tim Walden, Don Belgarde, Jeff Meadows. Photo by Howard Stieger 2014.

Navy jet mechanics’ bargaining strategy soared

September 16, 2014

Navy jet mechanics, members of IUE-CWA Local 89119, won a 5-year contract by hanging tough. CWA members across the country celebrate with them.

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No contract yet

September 15, 2014

While ASLIU and Purple representatives inched closer on a key article when they met last Thursday in San Francisco, overall agreement on a first-ever union contract for VIs remained frustratingly elusive.

Fourth in a series

Fiscal challenges led to diminished San Mateo Times

September 12, 2014

Location and timing is everything for local journalism as it is for real estate. The San Mateo Times adhered to that principle for decades. And it proved quite profitable.

Third in a series

Press Democrat purchase by locals is a lesson for Digital First Media

September 10, 2014

When a group of local investors bought the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the unionized news staff invested, too.

Second in a series

Guild news staffs launch effort to resuscitate journalism

September 9, 2014

The Guild has launched an effort to find or build community-based enterprises to free news organizations from the grip of the Digital First Media hedge fund.

First in a series

Wanted: Local buyers for hedge fund-owned papers

September 7, 2014

An ad posted by the San Francisco-based Guild local reads: “Employees of your community’s newspaper want a new attitude respecting quality jobs & quality journalism on the part of ownership.”