Unity is back in fashion

As part of their ongoing campaign to win a new contract, Guild members at the Monterey County Herald created a new version (left) of the classic Media Workers “UNITE” t-shirts.
The yellow and black design was worn throughout the 1994 San Francisco newspaper strike, and the raised-fist logo appeared on the Local 39521 newsletter, website and letterhead for years until we merged with the Hawaii Guild and adopted the Pacific sun and wave.
Black and orange are the theme colors of the Monterery unit, which has had a Halloween flavor since the unit was founded. Call (415) 421-6833 to order yours.  

Members of RADD (Radical Action Disciple Deployment Team) handcuff themselves to the front doors of the Detroit Free Press in support of the Detroit Newspaper Strike. (Photo via the Reuther Library)

Detroit Strike History: A Table Still Broken?

Workers who walked-out at The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press found themselves striking for 583 days. When Detroit newspaper management replaced 2,500 union members at these two mid-western dailies–—then owned by Gannett and Knight-Ridder respectively—not only was the quality of local journalism compromised. The six unions involved suffered labor’s biggest media industry defeat in the last several decades.

Richard "Rick" Knee, Local 39521 VP-CA, speaks at a recent membership meeting. Photo by Steve Stallone/freelance unit 2014.

Local is urged to back state sunshine measure

April 21, 2014

The Legislative/Political Committee recommends that the Local endorse Prop. 42, a state ballot measure that would shift the cost of sunshine-law compliance from the state to local government agencies.

Our ASLIU members have been bargaining with Purple Communications for months.  From left: Margie Brooks, Martin Yost, Michelle Caplette and Mary Jane Moore.  Seated from left: Lindsey Antle, Laurie Rivard and chief spokesperson Bruce Meachum. Photo courtesy Martin Yost 2014.

No deal yet for ASL interpreters

April 16, 2014

Negotiators for Local 39521′s ASL Interpreters Unit and Purple Communications inched closer to a contract when they met in San Francisco on April 9, but are still separated by at least two very tough issues: health and safety, and wages.

SEIU, United Service Workers West, organized a tax day community event outside the Apple flagship store off Market Street in San Francisco. Photo by PMWG staff 2014.

An Apple a day keeps the taxes away

April 15, 2014

SEIU-United Services Worker West kicked off a series of demonstrations Tuesday to raise awareness about corporate profiteering at the detriment of tax payers. Members of the community were invited to participate in what SEIU called a “bogus $15 billion mail-in rebate” offer targeting Apple.


Fresno Bee members and management move toward agreement

April 11, 2014

Guild negotiators moved closer to a tentative agreement on a three-year contract with the Fresno Bee on Wednesday. Management presented a comprehensive, final offer, but agreed to address several Guild concerns.


Lunzer and Steffens promise open process for new CFI

April 1, 2014

In consultation with CWA, the former CFI board and others, TNG will work to create the framework of a new, independent local for CFI. This process includes drafting new bylaws and electing new leadership.

Purple communications icon 2013

Sides talking again

March 28, 2014

Slight progress was made Thursday in San Francisco as Purple Communications and ASLIU negotiators met for the first time since November. Health and safety issues are linked to pay and benefits.