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Unions won ’94 solidarity test

By Carl Hall

San Francisco newspaper workers have staged only a couple of strikes during the past 80 years, and they had a sort of accidental quality. In 1968, a few roving pickets from a Mailers Union strike at the Herald Examiner came up from LA, and somehow got a two-month strike going at the SF metros.

In 1994 the issues that drove us out into the rainy streets were even more obscure.

To celebrate the 1994 strike on its 20-year anniversary, the Guild is hosting a reception at 433 Natoma, 6-8 p.m., Friday Nov. 14.

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Photo by Nancy Wong 1994.

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Steve Rubenstein plays harmonica as his spouse, Caroline Grannan looks on. Steve and Caroline were part of the SF Newspaper Strike of 1994. Photo by Kat Anderson 2014.

Strikers remember rain, pain and some gain

A strike had been percolating for weeks before 2,600 workers from 11 unions at the Examiner, the Chronicle and the SF Newspaper Agency walked off the job Nov. 1, 1994. Four days of round-the-clock negotiations hit a logjam over salary and job security.

Strikers pushed cups in the Chronicle fence to spell out "Contract now." Photo by Nancy Wong 1994.

1994 strike set a sour tone for a new era in newspapers

November 14, 2014

The 1994 newspaper strike was characterized by vicious union-busting, anti-worker tactics that still sour newspaper owner-worker relations today — and served as a template for how to help kill an industry.

Mighty mediaworker mod 2014

’94 strike treasurer bore witness to solidarity

November 14, 2014

A person had to walk the picket line to receive a strike check. Strike pay was $200, no matter how much one’s normal pay was. Thankfully, the strike was settled after 11 rainy and tension-filled days.

Strikeends 2

20th anniversary of the SF Newspaper Strike

November 14, 2014

Join us for a special event at the Guild to remember this important event in newspaper and union history.

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Sacramento Bee production center talks begin

November 6, 2014

Guild officers and representatives of the Bee management team met Wednesday at the Sacramento Hilton to discuss a new contract for McClatchy Co.’s editorial production center and key parts of the Sacramento Bee contract covering newsroom and advertising staff.

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Modesto Bee negotiations begin

November 4, 2014

The guild and company opened negotiations on the full contract Tuesday. The current contract expires Dec. 31.

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BANG East Bay negotiations reveal possible sale by year’s end

October 23, 2014

Guild negotiators met with management representatives Thursday in Pleasanton to present a new proposal in light of recent strategic developments involving Digital First Media.