All the latest Local 39521 news

All the latest Local 39521 news

September 6, 2017

Dear Members and friends,

Here’s the latest.  Please be sure to calendar our member meeting, enter the SPJ contest, send emails to Dave Perlman, and get up-to-date on our advocacy for equal and fair pay!

 Guild Local leadership (Executive Committee) nominations notice:

Our Executive Committee meets 10 a.m. to noon on Sept 16 at 433 Natoma St, Suite 250 Conference Room. All are invited, as this is the annual membership meeting. Nominations will open for all Local and Unit officer and delegate positions. The EC will close nominations at the November meeting. All units are required to hold membership meetings while nominations are open to provide members the opportunity to nominate. See website for details and nomination forms.

Russ Cain Memorial Student Aid Fund recipient announced

Jordan B. Castro, our Russ Cain Memorial Student Aid Fund winner for 2017, is the son of a Chronicle unit member. He will study civil engineering at San Francisco State University. His ultimate goal is to become a pilot. Photo courtesy Jordan Castro 2017.

The Guild Scholarship Committee selected SFC unit son, Jordan B. Castro, as this year’s recipient. Here is what Jordan shared with us: “I will be a freshman attending San Francisco State University as a Civil Engineering major. As a child, I loved exploring the city of San Francisco. I always wondered how mankind can create such a beautiful civilization, from its towering skyscrapers like the Transamerica Pyramid to the sturdy piers of Embarcadero. The city still lives in harmony. Creating beauty that is accessed everyday is why I am striving to be a civil engineer.

The idea of being the mastermind behind a creation of awe has always been a dream of mine. Being the youngest sibling, I looked up to my older sisters as they continue to follow their dreams of going to graduate school. With a retired father on a fixed income, the Russ Cain Memorial Student Aid Fund can also help my parents with school expenses.

I highly appreciate the Pacific Media Workers Guild for not only allowing me to pursue my goals, but for supporting me in my journey as well. Thank you for the scholarship!”

Here is a flyer for posting at your work site, Guild members.

SPJ contest deadline

Entries for the SPJ NorCal Excellence in Journalism Awards are due by 11:59 pm on September 15 (extended). Read more here:

San Francisco Chronicle unit

Dave Perlman retires

Our oldest and longest-serving active member NewsGuild member, “Dr. Dave” Perlman, science reporter, retired August 11. Special guests included Senator Dianne Feinstein and Mayor Ed Lee. Read all about it in the latest edition of Shopnotes.

Old friends Dave Perlman and Senator Dianne Feinstein discuss Theory of Relativity at Dr. Dave’s “retirement” party prior to his return to the newsroom (any day now) as Science Editor Emeritus. Photo by Steve Rubenstein 2017.

SFC bargaining update

SFC unit bargainers and management reps from Hearst Corp. and the Chronicle met virtually on August 23. Guild members gathered in the Guild conference room; the company reps were videoconferencing from NYC.

The Guild’s detailed contract proposals reflect major goals, including a 5 percent across-the-board pay increase, shorter workday, restored vacations, a 401(k) match and a new retirement plan. Management for the most part deferred responding, instead asking questions to clarify the union’s proposals.

The bargaining team stressed to management that conditions have changed in the industry and at the Chronicle. In previous bargaining rounds, for instance, the company opened its books to justify economic concessions from its employees, and in 2009 Hearst even threatened to shut down the Chronicle. Now, profits are back. Guild members seek nothing more than a fair share in the turnaround they helped bring about.

Guild members also want a modern contract that creates a progressive family- and employee-friendly workplace and includes fair and equitable wages, retirement benefits, reasonable vacation allotments and realistic policies regarding ethics and social media.

SFC pay equity update

The National Labor Relations Board in Region 20 (San Francisco) issued a complaint and notice of hearing on Friday alleging that the San Francisco Chronicle has violated the National Labor Relations Act by failing and refusing to provide your union with relevant information it seeks on your behalf to aid in collective bargaining and the investigation of our pay equity grievance. The hearing is set for November 1 at 9 am at 901 Market Street.

To read the notice and complaint from the NLRB, click here or visit our website at:

Note that we have a “Campaign Pay Equity” button on our website if you would like background on this matter.

Digital First Media (Bay Area News Group) unit

Representatives of 13 NewsGuild and CWA Mailers bargaining units met August 31 in Denver with management of Digital First Media to press union demands for a 2017 pay increase.

DFM management brought no new wage proposal to the Denver meeting, but held open the possibility of making one soon — and suggested that it was looking for additional savings in the area of pension administration that might influence its willingness to make a wage proposal.

Guild representatives said they were open to hearing more about the idea, but insisted that pay increases not be held hostage to complex pension matters. The parties agreed to review the situation at the end of next week, after some initial discussions among pension officials. No further face-to-face meetings were scheduled Thursday.

The Denver talks were convened under terms of a 2017 wage reopener — part of a three-year national agreement reached last year with DFM management covering workers at The Mercury News, East Bay Times, Monterey Herald, The Denver Post, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Pottstown Mercury, Norristown Times Herald, The Trentonian, The Delaware County Times, Daily Freeman, and The Macomb Daily.

American Sign Language United (ASLIU unit)

After resolving a long list of grievances and other disputes, Purple Communications management began closing call centers in Arizona. Oakland and San Diego centers will be closing before the end of 2017. Collective bargaining for a new contract covering Purple’s Denver call center will start soon. Meanwhile, hearings before an administrative law judge are underway concerning complaints by the NLRB that the management violated employee rights.
Guild Freelancers

Local 39521 Executive Committee passes resolution regarding FBI


WHEREAS the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigns its agents to pose as journalists in order to catch and punish persons who provide information confidentially to reporters or news outlets, and

WHEREAS this practice makes it difficult for journalists to gain the trust of confidential sources in order to uncover illegal or unethical conduct by government officials and agencies, and

WHEREAS this practice flouts the Constitutional guarantee of an independent Fourth Estate and the democratic principle of the people’s right to know about the workings of government,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Pacific Media Workers Guild (The NewsGuild-CWA Local 39521, AFL-CIO) call on the F.B.I. to cease and desist immediately from the aforesaid misconduct; and that the Guild call on the United States Senate to reject henceforth any F.B.I.-director nominee who does not openly pledge to forbid the F.B.I. and all of its personnel to engage in the aforesaid misconduct.

This Resolution was adopted by a vote of the Guild Executive Committee on June 24, 2017.

Members advocating the importance of journalism joined in a San Francisco demonstration where community organizations and unions marched up Market Street on August 26, carrying banners and blocking streets, to protest a planned rally by right-wingers.

Community organizations and unions marched up Market Street in San Francisco on Aug. 26, carrying banners and blocking streets, to protest a planned rally by Nazis and racists in San Francisco. Members of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, CWA local 39521, carry their union banner. Photo by David Bacon 2017.
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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer

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