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Trump’s repeated lies about his record on Iraq go unchallenged on TV news

In the long-running war between the media and Donald Trump’s marvelous talent at fabrication, the media finally scored a point. Yesterday, Trump doubled down on the preposterous claim he made earlier this week, that Ted Cruz’s father was seen with Lee Harvey Oswald several months before JFK’s assassination--a claim that originated in a National Enquirer cover story last month. “It...
Posted: May 5, 2016, 5:43 pm

How ‘quotes’ differ from ‘dialogue’

The quote offers your audience these benefits: It introduces a human voice. It explains something important about the subject. It frames a problem or dilemma. It adds information. It reveals the character or personality of the speaker. It introduces what is next to come. Most quotes are above or outside the action of the story. […]
Posted: May 5, 2016, 3:49 pm

Camaraderie reigned at the Tampa Tribune, dead after 121 years

Editor's note: Walt Belcher, a longtime television critic at the Tampa Tribune, was a contributor at the newspaper until its abrupt closure earlier this week. In the fall of 1985, I found myself upstairs at the famed Sardi’s Restaurant in New York City interviewing playwright Arthur Miller and actor Dustin Hoffman who was starring in […]
Posted: May 5, 2016, 3:36 pm

In the mobile news era, readers aren’t afraid of going long

Online journalism has traditionally put a premium on pithiness. Shorter is better, the conventional wisdom goes. Readers are looking to snack, not devour a five-course meal. But according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, reader behavior indicates a willingness to spend more time reading long-form journalism on mobile devices than they would […]
Posted: May 5, 2016, 2:00 pm

Romenesko is retired, but still tweeting

Tweets by @romenesko Stories I posted on other social media: * Columnist doesn’t want to discuss Trump – and uses a lot of white space to make the point * What Facebook really thinks about journalists (not much) * The plot to save the St. Paul Pioneer Press from its hedge fund owners Now retired, …

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Posted: May 5, 2016, 12:40 pm

Press pivots to Trump vs. Clinton with balletic grace

Good morning. Who's Bernie Sanders? The press pivoted Wednesday (albeit without tights) as if it were Misty Copeland or a youthful Mikhail Baryshnikov. Primaries, what primaries? It's on to the General Election campaign now that it's decreed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the party nominees. But, rather than offering us county-by-county breakdowns, replete with disclosure […]
Posted: May 5, 2016, 12:01 pm

Even with labels, consumers are confused about native ads

Native ads are usually given special labels to distinguish them from editorial content. However, their use of the same storytelling conventions and formats as news has prompted user confusion and has drawn the attention of the Federal Trade Commission.

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Posted: May 5, 2016, 5:00 am

Video reveals vile online attacks on female sports reporters

If you haven’t seen the video, you are in a growing minority. Take a moment and join the nearly 3.3 million people who have watched “#MoreThanMean” on YouTube. More than a week has passed since this highly important video was posted, and the participants still are overwhelmed by the fallout. “We didn’t think it would […]
Posted: May 5, 2016, 4:22 am

Tribune Publishing outlines plan to expand Los Angeles Times globally

Tribune Publishing CEO Justin Dearborn on Wednesday traced the contours of a business plan that would see the company's largest newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, expand to become a digital chronicle of entertainment capitals around the globe. Tribune Publishing's brass is planning to bankroll seven new foreign news bureaus in "entertainment oriented" cities under the […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 9:35 pm

R.I.P. Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune is no more. The rival Tampa Bay Times said on Tuesday that it has purchased the 121-year-old Tribune and shut it down, converting subscribers and advertisers to the Times. That makes the Times the fifth-largest Sunday newspaper in the country by circulation. A purchase price was not specified, but reported that Times […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 8:59 pm

Tribune Publishing rejects Gannett’s takeover bid

Tribune Publishing on Wednesday announced its board unanimously rejected an $815 million acquisition offer from the newspaper company Gannett. In its letter to Gannett, Tribune Publishing says the acquisition bid "understates the Company’s true value and is not in the best interests of its shareholders." Tribune Publishing is in the early stages of a compelling […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 8:47 pm

Ask the ethicist: Should local TV anchors agree to conditional interviews with the president?

Whether he's gabbing with Zach Galifianakis between two ferns or talking to Marc Maron in his garage, President Obama is used to orchestrating unconventional interviews to get his message out. His latest effort came earlier this week, when he invited several journalists from local TV stations to the White House for one-on-one interviews. Six local […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 7:51 pm

PesaCheck, a new fact-checking website in Kenya, aims to follow the money

You can't fact-check everything. The sheer volume of inaccurate claims in the public domain has led some fact-checking and debunking organizations around the world to concentrate on specific topics, such as health or climate change. PesaCheck, a newly launched initiative in Kenya, will be fact-checking the budget ("pesa" is Swahili for money). A project of […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 4:55 pm

Vox Media goes all-in on Snapchat amid annual advertising showcase

In a further display of video's increasing importance among news organizations, Vox Media on Wednesday announced it's creating a standalone studio devoted to creating content for the messaging app Snapchat. The studio, which will comprise an as-yet undetermined number of staffers, will develop content for Snapchat's Discover channel, according to a news release from Vox […]
Posted: May 4, 2016, 3:00 pm

South Carolina's top daily buys an alt-weekly in the state capital

Another alternative weekly has been purchased by a big daily, continuing a trend in recent years that has seen alts come under the arm of nearby mainstream newspapers. In 2012, the parent company of the Chicago Sun-Times bought the Reader, the city’s leading alt-weekly. In 2014, the same thing happened in Baltimore. This time, the acquisition takes place in South...
Posted: May 3, 2016, 5:15 pm

A better way to report on sexual assault

Too much conviction can be a dangerous thing. It certainly was for Marine Major Mark Thompson, who had a friend approach The Washington Post on his behalf, in late 2014, about Thompson’s story of how he had been wrongly accused of sexual misconduct while teaching at the US Naval Academy. Thompson claimed the Naval Criminal Investigative Service had failed him;...
Posted: May 3, 2016, 2:36 pm

'Miami is the best news town': A photojournalist reflects on a 40-year career

Over a 40-year career at The Miami Herald, Tim Chapman covered more than 50 hurricanes, rolled up on thousands of crime scenes and parachuted, figuratively speaking, into wars and coups around the region—though those who know him wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped out of a plane to get a photo. His images recorded the best and the very worst...
Posted: May 2, 2016, 9:57 pm

He and him

The television anchor told a heartwarming story of a disabled young man taken to his high school prom by 37 dates. “It was a memorable day for he and his classmates,” the anchor concluded. That’s a common error that occurs in writing more than it does in speech. As we frequently say, pronouns can be difficult. As we did previously...
Posted: May 2, 2016, 4:16 pm

The future for news publishers: frenemies or cooperative competitors?

The provocative question pops up in a new report that evaluates content opportunities by media companies in the fast rising, quick changing world of mobile and social networks.

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Posted: May 2, 2016, 5:00 am

Blending analysis and narrative: Five principles to follow

Integrating knowledge with compelling storytelling is at the heart of journalism, according to the Journalist’s Resources project at the Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy. Often, however, the narrative and reporting overwhelms or distorts the analysis---not good journalism.

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Posted: May 2, 2016, 5:00 am

Native ads: The new black (or green) for news publishers?

With advertising rates dropping and use of online ad blockers on the rise, many news publishers are turning to native advertising, particularly sponsored content, for revenue.

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Posted: May 2, 2016, 5:00 am

The backstory of Gannett's bid to buy Tribune

This week’s announcement that Gannett is seeking to purchase Tribune Publishing seems, at first glance, to encapsulate the plight of the newspaper industry in the wake of the internet. The size of the proposed merger might be surprising--it would leave Gannett with a circulation of 62 million--but its logic feels inevitable. As the newspaper industry has been buffeted by the...
Posted: April 29, 2016, 8:27 pm

In Chicago, two brothers are using Instagram to engage new audiences for investigative reporting

In early 2015, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, a freelance investigative journalist, published a story in The Chicago Reporter about a reverse mortgage scheme that targeted elderly African-Americans on Chicago’s south and west sides. More than 1,700 words, and accompanied by a trove of court documents, the article detailed the legal fight to protect homeowners. Then Lowenstein and his brother, the photographer...
Posted: April 29, 2016, 4:09 pm

How one woman's 'hyperlocal C-Span' brings transparency to politics in Georgia

Nydia Tisdale, Georgia’s most notorious citizen journalist, crisscrosses the state with a cardboard box containing little red and blue books in the back of her 2003 Honda CRV. The red one is Georgia’s Sunshine Laws; the blue one is Georgia Law Enforcement and the Open Records Act. Tisdale hands them out, with the earnest enthusiasm of a Jehovah’s Witness distributing...
Posted: April 28, 2016, 9:27 pm

Exporting Ira Glass-style podcasts to post-Soviet nations

Taxi Taxi is like This American Life for the South Caucasus set, only without the three-act structure, episode themes, or, of course, Ira Glass. But the two podcasts share a style of storytelling that is rooted in place. In the first few episodes of Taxi Taxi, a Georgian country singer croons in a Nashville accent even though he’s never been...
Posted: April 28, 2016, 9:08 pm

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back

In this week's Lower case ...   Submitted by Richard DettmanBusiness Editor, CKWX News 1130Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Posted: April 27, 2016, 8:34 pm

Newsweek Middle East aims to be the insiders’ voice

It’s been just five months since Newsweek’s Middle East edition launched, but Deputy Editor Habiba Hamid can already reel off a list of favorite features. From a profile of the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood to a look at religious influences in Jordan’s school curriculum, the newsroom, as she says, is “pulling no punches.” Some 40 writers who are new to Newsweek...
Posted: April 27, 2016, 11:50 am

Will readers pay for local news? A digital startup in Tulsa bets that they will

About 500 subscribers over the course of eight months: If your reference point is Facebook-fueled pageviews, or even a typical newspaper’s print circulation, it might not sound like a lot. But for the leaders of The Frontier, an investigative journalism startup in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that number is reason for encouragement—a sign that some people will spend real money on local...
Posted: April 26, 2016, 7:43 pm

N.C. News Cooperative: Infrastructure approach to supporting local journalism

Can providing a workspace, support, and collegiality for local journalists foster more, and better, local coverage? In North Carolina, a fledgling newsroom cooperative is testing this premise.

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Posted: April 26, 2016, 6:35 pm

New York Times closes editing and press operations in Paris, cuts up to 70 jobs

* New York Times plans to close editing and press operations in Paris ( Memo to staff: From: NYT Company Mail Date: Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 3:45 PM Subject: On the Record from Arthur, Mark and Dean: Proposed Changes to Print INYT To: All Company Employees Dear Colleagues, Earlier this month, we announced a …

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Posted: April 26, 2016, 1:47 pm

'Gossip,' and other words repurposed by Shakespeare

We’ve just missed the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and the 452nd anniversary of his birth, but it’s never too late to talk about the Bard. His words are the gifts that keep on gifting. Last week, we talked about how Lewis Carroll was so fond of making up words. Shakespeare was no laggard in that department: He is credited...
Posted: April 26, 2016, 11:50 am

Crain's offers a strong look at the fall of an 'Obamacare darling'

The failure of health insurance “co-ops” around the country has become one of the saddest stories of Obamacare—and for a long time, it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. But we’re finally seeing signs that the business press, at least, is digging in.  Last November, Adam Cancryn of SNL Financial offered a stellar look at why the co-op experiment has...
Posted: April 25, 2016, 7:58 pm

For enthusiast media, ethics can be costly

Last month VeloNews, a bicycling magazine, obtained the specifications of a highly anticipated new product by bike parts manufacturer Shimano and called the company for comment. Shimano’s rep told VeloNews Editor in Chief John Bradley to kill the story about the secret product. If he didn’t, Shimano would cancel the rest of its 2016 advertising with VeloNews. Bradley stood his...
Posted: April 25, 2016, 5:13 pm

The Center for Investigative Reporting bets it can change audio journalism—and itself

In 2014, The Center for Investigative Reporting found itself at a crossroads: Cut much of its staff or create a full-time radio show. That was the choice then-editorial director Mark Katches says the organization faced. “The burn rate can be a pretty scary thing to witness when there is very little revenue coming in to cover your costs,” he adds....
Posted: April 25, 2016, 11:50 am

The future of media: Algorithmic, personalized, visual

Kevin Kelly, who is a co-founder and former executive editor of Wired magazine, says we will have an ecosystem of filters, human and algorithmic, where personalization will increasingly be part of the process of how we produce and consume news.  

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Posted: April 25, 2016, 5:00 am

Mobile and social advertising push digital ad spending to a new record high

With mobile advertising rising 66 percent and social media ads up 55 percent, domestic digital advertising totaled $59.6 billion for 2015, up 20 percent from the previous all time high in 2014 according to a new report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

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Posted: April 25, 2016, 5:00 am

Admit it: You used to be that ‘Guy at your J-school’

Maybe he’s the ego-buster journalism students need. About a month ago, a parody account called “Guy at your J-school” began tweeting insights into life, with posts that range from delusional to chokingly smug. No doubt, “Guy at your J-school” hits notes that can make any jaded reporter sneer. The caricature might even cause some to reflect on their own rosy...
Posted: April 22, 2016, 6:27 pm

Is social media the newest front in Uganda’s war with the press?

KAMPALA, Uganda--The night before Uganda’s February 18 presidential vote, David Tumusiime went to bed with a firm plan in place for the next day’s coverage. The website editor for Uganda Radio Network (URN), a syndicate of more than 20 correspondents spread across the East African country, Tumusiime had set up a WhatsApp group to collect video clips and audio reports...
Posted: April 22, 2016, 5:49 pm

Bay Area News Group memo: ‘We will be eliminating a layer of valuable editing’

Bay Area News Group is losing 11 copy desk staffers “rather than cutting more deeply into the ranks of content producers or neglecting our digital needs,” says a memo from James “Bert” Robinson, managing editor/content. He writes: From: James Robinson Date: Apr 22, 2016 6:02 AM Subject: Some changes to our editing and production processes …

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Posted: April 22, 2016, 5:12 am

Drones can photograph almost anything. But should they?

Cyclone Pam tore through Vanuatu in the South Pacific in March 2015, destroying or damaging 17,000 buildings and displacing 65,000 people from their homes. Shortly after the storm, humanitarian first responders and journalists began flying drones over the affected area to document the devastation. Drones have become an increasingly important tool for quick, comprehensive damage assessment after natural disasters, but...
Posted: April 21, 2016, 7:00 pm

Survey: Editors see media losing ground as legal advocate for 1st Amendment

Editors around the country are losing confidence in the news industry’s ability to fulfill its role as a First Amendment champion, and they believe that shrinking resources are to blame, according to a report released this morning by the Knight Foundation in partnership with the American Society of News Editors, Associated Press Media Editors, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom...
Posted: April 21, 2016, 2:54 pm

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back

In this week's Lower case ...   Chester County, Pa., Daily Local News, 1/9/85   Toronto Star, 7/31/82   The Sacramento Union, 4/24/84   New Orleans Times-Picayune, 5/22/83  
Posted: April 20, 2016, 6:12 pm

More than 20 months after Ferguson, Ryan Reilly and Wesley Lowery are still facing charges in St. Louis County

The 2014 arrests of journalists Ryan Reilly and Wesley Lowery for, well, doing journalism at a McDonald’s in Ferguson, Missouri, were misguided. The filing of charges by St. Louis County against them nearly a year later, just days before the statute of limitations tolled, was absurd. Over the past eight months, the charges—one count each of trespassing and interfering with...
Posted: April 19, 2016, 6:02 pm

The Media vs. Trump story that's been overlooked: Freedom of Speech

The phenomenon of the Republican presidential frontrunner has convulsed the media class for almost a year now. Donald Trump has defied every expectation and shown himself impervious to the scientific laws of politics.  His relationship to the media will be marveled about long after the instant histories of the 2016 election are forgotten. The typical campaign as a rule coddles...
Posted: April 19, 2016, 4:02 pm

Did Obama change Cuba?

When President Obama made his historic visit to Cuba last month, the US media followed. At a joint press conference on March 21 with Cuban president Raúl Castro, Obama called on CNN’s Jim Acosta, who asked the Cuban leader if he would be willing to release political prisoners. A flustered Castro sputtered and demanded a list of those imprisoned. Obama...
Posted: April 19, 2016, 11:50 am

Society of American Business Editors and Writers Conference

Thu, May 19, 2016 | 6:00 p.m. PDT

The spring conference of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Conference will feature Marty Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, and others.

Posted: April 19, 2016, 2:03 am

Muse and the Marketplace

Fri, April 29, 2016 | 9:00 a.m. PDT
Sun, May 1, 2016 | 1:00 p.m. PDT

Grubstreet's three-day, national literary conference in Boston gives aspiring writers a better understanding of the craft of fiction and non-fiction, prepares them for the changing world of publishing and promotion, and creates opportunities for meaningful networking.

Posted: April 19, 2016, 1:48 am

Media Law for Journalists: Workshop and Roundtable

Tue, April 26, 2016 | 9:30 a.m. PDT
Tue, April 26, 2016 | 6:00 p.m. PDT

A workshop in New York for freelancers, bloggers, reporters, editors in print, digital or video spaces, podcasters - any media worker without the benefit of a legal department.

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Posted: April 19, 2016, 1:40 am

ONA LA: Appy Hour with IRE and NAHJ

Thu, April 21, 2016 | 6:00 p.m. PDT
Thu, April 21, 2016 | 9:30 p.m. PDT

Grab a drink and swap ideas about storytelling apps like Snapchat or tell us about the apps that make your lives and work easier and more productive. We’ll be joined by our friends from the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) at Finn McCool’s. ONA LA

Posted: April 19, 2016, 1:35 am


Wed, April 20, 2016 | 12:30 p.m. PDT

Europe's cutting edge media conference for digital, print, mobile, social, voice video and more at LOCALCON in Chelsea, London. 

Posted: April 19, 2016, 1:30 am