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Stewards Training and Resources

Calendar for training opportunities and resources – click here.
One of the best ways to make the Guild stronger, improve your workplace and gain confidence in your role as a shop steward is to attend one of our regular stewards trainings. The next workshop is listed in the link above. Contact us if you would like to request special training at your location.

All newly appointed stewards should make a point to attend a seminar, and even veterans can benefit from a refresher. Faculty typically include Local staff reps and an attorney experienced in handling our grievances. We go through all the basics of contract enforcement, communication with members, dealing with the boss, legal rights and responsibilities, and Mobilizing 101. Lost time may be available for those who take time off from work to participate. See your Unit officers or contact us at the Guild Office (415-421-6833) if you have questions or want to reserve a spot.

What is a Grievance?

Incident Report or grievance form

Weingarten Rights — Employees’ rights to union representation during investigatory interviews

Seven Steps of Just Cause …a practical and effective way to determine whether a proposed disciplinary action is firmly and fairly grounded. It is fair to assume that these tests will be applied by arbitrators in the event that disciplinary actions are challenged…


Government or Legal Sites

California Division of Industrial Relations

California Employment Development Department

Fair Labor Standards Act

Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration

US Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics