Basic union benefits


The Pacific Media Workers Guild and the unions and other organizations with which we are affiliated, including the Communications Workers of America, The Newspaper Guild and the AFL-CIO, stand for better working conditions, higher salaries, improved health benefits, progressive personnel policies and an affordable and dignified retirement.

As a union member, you have rights in the workplace that you would not otherwise have. Union representation protects you from employers’ arbitrary and capricious decisions and ensures due process. If you think your boss may want to impose discipline, be sure to exercise your Weingarten rights.

Your contract spells out a grievance procedure for when management treats you unfairly or violates the contract. Though grievance procedures may vary from contract to contract, what constitutes a grievance is basically the same.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly or that the employer is violating the contract or law, fill out a incident report and return it to your steward or call the union office.

As a member of the Guild, you are entitled to a number of benefits provided by the Guild or negotiated in collective bargaining over the years. Some kick in automatically; others you must apply for. Benefits include: medical, vision and dental insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations, retirement benefits and a 401(k) plan.

See the Contracts section to locate the agreement under which you are covered. Your union has negotiated many benefits which are spelled out in your current collective bargaining agreement.

For more information, contact your shop steward or unit officers.

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