Closer, but still no deal

Purple Bargaining Update #17

Compromise was the name of the game when Purple Communications and ASLIU negotiators met in San Francisco last Thursday after nearly four months away from the bargaining table. Absolute agreements on individual issues were elusive during the full day of negotiations, but in many cases the remaining differences are now relatively minor. After the session, the ASLIU team expressed guarded optimism that both sides’ willingness to modify previous hard-line positions may have set the stage for a deal on the entire contract.

But compromise is not easy.

“These are by far the toughest decisions we’ve had to face,” said one ASLIU negotiator, “but we’ve already won a lot and the most important thing is to preserve those gains – and the ones we’re still negotiating – with a signed contract.”

Because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations at this point, we don’t want to go into too much detail here. We are hopeful that we will have a full agreement to bring to you for ratification in the near future.

The two sides are set to meet again on September 11 at a yet-to-be-determined location.

NLRB Issues Complaint Against Purple for Health-Care Change

The National Labor Relations Board last week issued the expected formal complaint against Purple for instituting changes to the health-care plan without first negotiating with the Union.

The disputed changes include an increase in the percentage of premium paid by an employee from 25% to 30% for dependent coverage; increases in the deductibles of Core PPO for both in and out of network; and an increase in the Buy-Up out-of-network deductible.

A hearing before an administrative law judge is scheduled to be held in Denver on November 18.

ASLIU National Bargaining Team:

Mary Jane Moore, Arizona: National Unit Chair
Lindsey Antle, Denver: National Vice Chair
Margie Brooks, Member at Large
Michelle Caplette, Arizona: National Vice Chair
Laurie Rivard, Oakland: National Vice Chair
Martin Yost, San Diego: National Vice Chair
Bruce Meachum, PMWG Representative: Chief Spokesperson

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Michael Applegate

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