Bargaining under way in Hilo

Pacific Media Workers Guild

Hawaii Tribune-Herald Unit

Bargaining Bulletin #1
August 9, 2012 

Your bargaining committee met with representatives from the company on Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 8 and 9) in Hilo to discuss a new contract.

The committee presented the company with a three-year proposal that included annual pay raises and upgrades to sick leave, the automobile mileage reimbursement, and the use of personal equipment for work purposes. The proposal also called for an incentive for the production of new media and a premium-only plan that would allow employees to pay medical insurance  premiums on a pre-tax basis.

The company presented the committee with a one-year proposal with no pay increases. The proposal contained significant changes to seniority, the ability to subcontract work, and cost-sharing of medical insurance premiums.

As an alternative, your committee suggested a one-year extension of the existing agreement to allow for an assessment of the impact of closing the printing operation and the strength of the state’s economic recovery.

The company responded with an offer of a one-year extension that included the ability to subcontract work currently performed by mailroom and ad production employees.

Your committee rejected that offer.

The two parties agreed to continue negotiations at a future date.

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