California Federation of Interpreters Region 3 Bulletin: July 13, 2012

Region 3 Bargaining Update #1

Region 3 representatives proposed cutting interpreters’ pay, adding translations to their duties, moving to an hourly rate system and other measures during the first bargaining session.

The California Federation of Interpreter’s bargaining committee requested extensive explanations of these proposed changes, and the courts cited desired cost savings and operational flexibility, among other things.

The proposals presented July 12, 2012 in Sacramento included:

  • A 10% pay cut for all interpreter employees
  • Language that would give the courts flexibility to send full time employees home after noon, depending on the needs of the court, and not compensate those employees for the remaining hours
  • Inclusion of translations and coordinating work into interpreters’ scope of duties without additional pay
  • Complete elimination of all benefits for intermittent part time employees of any language
  • Limitations on cross-assignments
  • Elimination of a guaranteed full- or half-day assignment in favor of an hourly rate

CFI’s bargaining committee will present proposals at a later date. Committee members are: Brandon Scovill, Matt Marchetti, Regina Coronado, Lesley Walker, John Johnston, Norma Yanez.

The next bargaining session is September 6.

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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer