Daily Kos Guild demands to negotiate over proposed layoffs

This is shared on behalf of the Daily Kos Guild, a unit of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, TNG-CWA Local 39521. 

Daily Kos Management (DKM) informed the Daily Kos Guild (DKG) on Thursday, Jan. 12, that they plan to lay off employees represented by DKG.

These proposed layoffs are focused in our Activism and Content departments—responsible for leading campaigns that advance human rights, equity, and justice, and for creating the news you read on Daily Kos. The proposed cut would affect 28% of unionized employees.

DKG believes there is an alternative route to financial solvency. DKG sent a detailed information request to DKM on Friday, Jan. 13, seeking relevant financial information about the company’s expenses, hiring practices, and potential cost-cutting measures—aside from layoffs of staff. We meet at the bargaining table again today; we hope DKM treats our request and the negotiations process with the seriousness they deserve.

DKG calls on Daily Kos Management to:

  • enter into and honor good faith negotiations with the DKG about layoffs, and allow DKG to work with management to avoid cuts to personnel.
  • be honest and transparent about the organization’s financial status, including an audit of Daily Kos’ finances by CWA financial analysts, and an independent audit.
  • keep Daily Kos’ mission, the Daily Kos Community, and our collective activism at the heart of any decision about the organization’s future.

We’re asking management to show us the math and let us solve this problem—without sacrificing Daily Kos’ mission or people. We’re asking supporters, friends, allies, donors, and readers to sign our petition: 

Tell Daily Kos to uphold its mission, values, and commitment to working people.

DKG represents 54 Daily Kos staff members and another 6 “disputed” positions, which accounts for 68% of Daily Kos’ total workforce. DKG is a Pacific Media Workers Guild member, a local of the NewsGuild/Communication Workers of America, and was certified as the bargaining unit of represented staff in 2022.

As a member of The NewsGuild/Communication Workers of America, we stand in solidarity with our colleagues across the country, especially today with our colleagues at The Washington Post—Daily Kos Guild will not let our democracy die in darkness.

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Hunter Paniagua

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