Election Committee certifies results

The Guild’s Local Election Committee has certified the results of last month’s election, finding that there were no procedural or substantive grounds for setting the results aside.

In an email announcement sent out Thursday afternoon, the committee stated:

“The LEC hereby on Jan. 9, 2014 issues its Final Determination and Certification of the Results of the 2013 Election.  In the absence of any timely, much less meritorious, protests to the election, the LEC has determined that its December 21 tentative certification is true and accurate.”

The following candidates, all part of the Unity Slate, were elected:

Executive Officer: Carl Hall

President: Rebecca Rosen Lum 

First Vice President: Gloria La Riva

Treasurer: Michelle Caplette

Secretary: Steve Stallone

In addition, Freelance Unit member Steve Early was elected to a Representative Assembly Delegate position.

Unopposed positions are as follows:

Vice President – Hawaii: Derrick DePledge

Vice President – CA: Richard Knee

Vice President – CFI: Ariel Torrone

Each of these people will serve two-year terms through 2015.

Results showed Hall won with 614 votes out of 1,024 valid ballots cast. Others on the Unity Slate won with similar margins.

The Local Election Committee is also in the process of issuing decisions on a myriad of complaints filed by candidates, rank and file members and staff.  We will update this article as those decisions come in.

For questions, please call Kat Anderson, Administrative Officer, at (415) 421-6833.

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