Fresno Bee members and management move toward agreement

Your Guild negotiators moved closer to a tentative agreement on a new, three-year contract with the Fresno Bee on Wednesday.

While some details still need to be worked out, a formal agreement could be reached as soon as next week.

During Wednesday’s talks, management presented a comprehensive, final offer to the Guild, but agreed to address several concerns that the Guild raised in its response to the final offer.

We expect to hear from management by early next week and, if a tentative agreement is reached, we’ll send a detailed bulletin reporting all the changes that have been negotiated. We’ll also announce a date for a membership meeting to answer questions about the settlement, as well as the time and place for a ratification vote.

Please stay tuned for further details, and thanks for your continued support through our negotiations.

Unit Chair Bethany Clough and Guild representative Darren Carroll represented the Guild in Wednesday’s talks.

Bob Ford, John Rich and Mark Ochinero represented management.

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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer