Fresno Bee unit ratifies raises and virtual transfer of copy desk

Guild members voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the tentative agreement reached by the bargaining team and management. This language includes:

– A 2% merit pool (raises).

– Makes a small change so that a review date stays the same when a short leave of absence is taken.

– Adds language to comply with state law regarding sick leave (which does not affect our current sick leave).

– Creates a “virtual reporting structure” on the copy desk that is not considered a layoff and does not require employees to relocate.

– Mandates 90 days notice of intent to virtually transfer employees and 30 days notice to each individual employee.

– Says that if the virtual reporting structure doesn’t work out, the company has the right to do relocations, but employees must get severance, reimbursement for moving and other related protections already in the contract.

A big thank you goes out to everybody who helped out with bargaining and especially Kathleen Coates, who made the trip to Sacramento to act as a representative of the Fresno desk.

Thanks all.


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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer

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