Friedrichs v. CTA and the case for fair share

It is no secret that America’s economy has swung out of balance. It’s getting harder and harder to get by, let alone get ahead, and everyday Americans are working more than ever before. Our work has created record wealth for an economic recovery that’s been everywhere but ordinary peoples’ wallets. In addition, our schools and other public services have suffered.

Now there is a Supreme Court case that threatens to make things worse. Friedrichs v. CTA is about wealthy special interests that want to shift the balance of economic power in their favor, and make it even more difficult for working people to come together, speak up collectively, get ahead and help create an economy that works for everyone, and serve their communities in the best way possible.

Our very future is at stake. Educators, in particular, must fight to ensure that our schools remain strong and our students get the quality public education they deserve.

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1 thought on “Friedrichs v. CTA and the case for fair share

  1. Kat,
    Thanks for spreading the word, this could, and would be devastating!!!!
    Larry Griffin
    At-Large Vice-President
    IFPTE Local 21

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