Guild officers endorse California Prop. 15

The Guild urges its members to vote “yes” on California Proposition 15, which would revamp property taxation on high-value industrial and commercial real estate and generate an estimated $6 billion to $11 billion annually in state tax revenue.

The money would support certain local public services including schools and community colleges, where many future journalists get their start.

The Guild Executive Committee on Oct. 17 voted unanimously to support Prop. 15 after receiving an assurance from former Executive Officer Carl Hall that the measure would probably not adversely affect the Guild Building.

“My personal sense … is, it’s a good thing for California to free itself even part of the way from the shackles of Prop. 13,” Hall told the Legislative and Political Committee, referring to the property-tax limitation measure that state voters approved in 1978. “I would analyze the (Prop. 15) issue from the standpoint of what’s best for the Guild, CWA and California broadly speaking, and never mind the impact on the Guild as a real estate entity. …

“I don’t see much impact, and if there is an impact, we have options. The down side of higher property taxes seems like no big deal, given everything else happening to the building and urban environment, and I don’t think even in worst-case scenario would be enough to knock aside whatever endorsement you may decide to make on merits.”

Prop. 15 has solid backing from organized labor and other progressive groups.

The Executive Committee also voted to sign an Action Network petition supporting U.S. House Resolution 1175 urging the dropping of all charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the abandonment of efforts to extradite him from the United Kingdom. Guild Freelancers member Steve Zeltzer had brought the matter before the Leg/Pol Committee, which recommended signing the petition.

Richard Knee
Legislative and Political Committee Chair

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