Kat Anderson for Local Secretary

Vote for Kat Anderson for Secretary of Local 39521

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I would be honored to serve our union as Local Secretary, and so I ask that you cast a vote for me on your ballot and mail it or hand-deliver it so that it is received at the Guild before the December 20 deadline (which is NOT a postmark deadline). You all know how important deadlines are. We are fortunate to have a Democratic process, one that I respect in my daily life, and that process must be followed carefully if you would like a person like me to serve as your Local Secretary.

As members of a union, we are all held to high standards of transparency and fiscal responsibility. That is why our union has a democratically-elected Executive Committee that consists of our daily leader, the Executive Officer, as well as other fiduciaries, including the Local Secretary. Our bylaws require that we have frequent meetings of our members, that we present a budget annually, and that we keep minutes. Our union records are to be safe-guarded, and kept only for review by members in good standing. The Local Secretary, therefore, must be someone who takes process very seriously, who takes accurate minutes, who prepares documents that are easy to understand, and who posts important calendar items and other notices on our official publication – our website www.mediaworkers.org. I have been doing much of this work for years now, in the background, as staff assigned to the Executive Committee. I have also been the editor of our union website. It is not easy being the Local Secretary, and it can take a lot of one’s time. I have always understood how important this is, and actually enjoy the work. Therefore, I would be honored to officially step into the role of Local Secretary, and hope you will cast the vote that will make that happen.

For those who don’t yet know me, here’s some background:

I graduated with a degree in political science from Stanford University and obtained my law degree from the University of California Hastings College of the Law. I worked in private practice for most of my legal career.

In 2010, I ran for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In 2012, I was elected to the Democratic County Central Committee, where I served as Recording Secretary.  Last year, Mayor Ed Lee appointed me to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission. I fight hard every day for working people and families.

I spent several years in volunteer roles for my church and local nonprofits serving my community while my husband and I raised our two children. During that time, I set up scholarship funds at San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco, reflecting my longtime interest in higher education and quality journalism. I’m a member of the board of the CCSF Foundation.

That’s what led to my work for the Pacific Media Workers Guild. In early 2012, I expressed interest in starting a student journalism project during conversations with Guild Executive Officer Carl Hall, a longtime friend since my law school days. With his support and key financial contributions from the Guild-affiliated Berger-Marks Foundation, I launched Bay News Rising, a summer mentorship and seminar program for student journalists interested in reporting on labor and social justice issues. We offer up-and-coming journalists a unique opportunity to sharpen their skills, do journalism that matters — and get paid doing it. We recruit faculty from our own professional membership, and treat students with the respect they deserve — paying the students fair terms they negotiate after forming their own bargaining unit on the first night of the program every summer. See https://baynewsrising.org

I later joined the Guild staff as a regular employee and am proud to say that I have become a friend and colleague of hundreds of Local 39521 members in just about every bargaining unit. I know what it’s like to organize new units and negotiate labor agreements during one of the most difficult periods in our history.

Right now, I am assisting members at ASL Interpreters United, Bay Area News Group, McClatchy Co., The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, the San Francisco Chronicle and many other Guild bargaining units. I pitch in whenever the need arises, using my legal experience to help members fight for decent treatment. I help maintain our Local website, a consistent award-winner.

I have recently decided to cut back on hours that I work in the Guild office, but I am always a phone call away and I take my commitment to our members and to this union very seriously. Your and its best interests are some of my top priorities. I am determined to maintain my membership and active service.

That is why I hope to be elected Secretary and member of the Local 39521 Executive Committee. I have the experience and qualifications needed to help guide our union the next two years. My candidacy has the support of virtually all active members and leaders of our Local.

I was asked to write this statement, but I believe my track record of hard work and creativity speaks for itself.  I would love to answer any questions you might have.  Please call (415) 420-7503 or email me at katanderson63@me.com and let’s talk.

Please vote for me, KAT ANDERSON, for Local 39521 Secretary!