Local Election Committee announces results – Anderson wins for local Secretary

Elections committee members Paul Burton and Caroline Grannan and Guild staff member Margo Brenes count ballots. Photo by staff 2017.

The following statement was issued today by the Local 39521 Elections Committee:

Dear Candidates:

The Local Elections Committee of the Pacific Media Workers Guild met December 21, 2017 at 10 a.m. at the Guild office to count ballots for the union’s election. Following are the results, certified by the LEC:

Local Secretary 

Kat Anderson was elected with 154 votes to 28 votes for Steve Zeltzer. Five ballots that had both candidates marked were disqualified and not counted. Steve Zeltzer observed the vote count.

Vice Chair, Interpreters Guild of America unit

Johanna Valle was elected with 14 votes to 2 votes for Robert Brara.

Secretary Interpreters Guild of America unit

Lissett Samaniego was elected with 11 votes to 6 votes for Carlos Chang.

(Note that the vote totals for the two IGA unit positions are different because one ballot only had a vote for Secretary of the unit and not for Vice Chair)

Thank you for seeking elective office for Local 39521, and your willingness to serve our union and its members.

In Unity,

Local Elections Committee

Paul Burton
Caroline Grannan
Gloria LaRiva

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Guild Staff