Local election committee rules that all-CFI slate used union video improperly

The Local Election Committee received a complaint from Pacific Media Workers Guild and the Unity slate (Carl Hall) that a union video was improperly used for electioneering by the “A More Perfect Union” slate.

An edited excerpt of a video of a meeting of CFI members about its negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement was posted online and a link to the edited video was sent to PMWG members Dec. 13.

The LEC determined that sending out the e-mail with a link to the edited video is an improper use of a union resource. The purpose of the original video was to inform members about what was being negotiated in the CBA, and was not intended to be edited and used for electioneering by any candidate or slate.

The LEC recommended to the slate and to the creator of the video, candidate for treasurer Daniel Navarro, that the campaign information, including the comparisons of the two CBAs, should be sent with a link to the original unedited video with information about where Carl Hall’s comments come in, and not the link to the edited video.

The LEC sent a notice to Mr. Navarro, other members of the slate and the complainants on Dec. 14. Another campaign e-mail was sent to members by the More Perfect Union slate with the link to the edited video on Dec. 16.

Local Election Committee:

Paul Burton
Walt Yost
Rebeca Vera
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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer