Local Election Notice 2017

Dear Member:

A Local 39521 Election is being conducted by secret mail ballot.

Your Election Notice/Ballot and Voting Instructions have been mailed to all members in good standing as of the cutoff established by the Local Election Committee. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

You will receive the Notice and Ballot if our records indicate you are a member in good standing of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, TNG-CWA Local 39521. Members of the Interpreters Guild of America (IGA) Unit will receive a different ballot for the purpose of selecting between candidates for contested LOCAL and IGA Unit officer positions.

VOTING PERIOD: The official voting period is December 4 through December 20, 2017. Ballots must be marked and mailed to the Local Election Committee so they will arrive at the Local 39521 Office at 433 Natoma Street, Suite 250, San Francisco, CA 94103, not later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. Note: Members may also hand-deliver their ballots to the Guild Office, provided Guild Staff Margo Brenes is available to receive the ballot and we can ensure the integrity of the voting process.

INSTRUCTIONS: Mark your ballot clearly to indicate your preference(s). After marking this ballot, place it within the small envelope provided. Seal that envelope and place it within the larger post-paid return envelope. CLEARLY PRINT AND SIGN your name to the back of the larger envelope. The postage-paid return envelopes are numbered for verification of eligibility only. This procedure protects the secrecy of your vote while allowing the Local Elections Committee to ensure only eligible members participate.

Place the signed envelope containing your vote in the mail. No postage is necessary.

Thank you for participating in this election. Questions? Contact the Guild Office, 415-421-6833 or staff@mediaworkers.org. You can view the candidates’ statements at mediaworkers.org.

In Solidarity,

Local Elections Committee

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Guild Staff