Phone blitz to support Pittsburgh Guild strikers

The PMWG is happy to share the following message on behalf of our colleagues at the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, which represents striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. We encourage all members to show your solidarity with these workers.


Board members of Block Communications, owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, believe that trampling workers’ rights and dismissing employees’ livelihoods is the path to living comfortably.

Fortunately we’ll get a say in that one way or another.

We want you to help us call out all of the beneficiaries on the BCI board, not just John and Allan Block, the silver-spoon-fed twin brothers at the face of the company. Too many people with an actual seat at this union-busting company’s table haven’t heard enough from us. They will now. Let’s term this action the Block Blitz.

Will you join us in disrupting the lives of the people who’ve had no concern upending ours?

To sign up to help us do this, please fill out the form linked here and below. We plan to have an escalating volume of calls going their way over multiple weeks. After you sign up, a striker will follow up with you about when we will ask you to call, along with a variety of scripts for what you might say to the people profiting off our suffering.

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Hunter Paniagua

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