Press Democrat seeks concessions while Guild holds out for modest pay increases

Bargaining bulletin #6

Guild negotiators and Press Democrat management traded a flurry of proposals Thursday during a marathon session of contract bargaining in Rohnert Park. But the two sides ended the long day without reaching a tentative agreement on an overall deal.

Management came off its initial paltry offer of giving employees a 1 percent wage increase annually over three years, as well as its insistence that Guild employees convert to health care costs borne by non-union employees. But the company’s proposals still fell short of reasonable expectations.

Management continues to make the case that uncertainty in the news industry, rising health care costs and other factors limit what it can offer employees.

Guild negotiators, also cognizant of these realities, sought reasonable pay increases in the 3 to 5 percent range and to limit increases in escalating health care costs for employees. But management balked at the offer.

The two sides are set to return to the bargaining table March 24. In the interim, the Guild will be seeking feedback from its members.

Representing the company were Troy Niday, Sam Caddle, Ted Appel and Emily DeBacker.

Representing the Guild were Carl Hall, Kat Anderson, Derek Moore, Lori Carter and Chris Chung.

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