Region 2 Interpreters Campaign for a Fair Contract

Photo by Staff 2013
Photo by Staff 2013

On Wednesdays, wear red in solidarity. Here’s why…

As summer wanes, we are moving forward in our campaign for a fair contract. In your conversations with colleagues about what we’re seeking and what we can achieve, remember and remind each other that all our past gains were based in building unity and acting in solidarity.

More than a decade ago, after many years without a raise in our per diem, we acted in unity as a group of independent contractors. We made real gains after we joined together in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, organizing several walkouts. Many of you were part of that.

To become employees and negotiate our first contract we had to persevere and stay united. It was a struggle to get the health benefits, paid vacations, retirement and job security we have today. The basic things that other employees have always had were not handed to us.

If you’re a new colleague joining the profession, know that we had to stand our ground and push for basic rights, professional standards and a decent salary with benefits.

Imagine going through that struggle as we did, and then working for six more years without so much as a COLA. Now imagine it’s 2019, and you are still working at the same wage as today. The only way to get a COLA or wage steps is to stand together and demand what is fair and reasonable.

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