Representative Assembly denies appeal of Local 39521 election results

Official Notice: Appeal of Election Results Denied

The Executive Committee and Representative Assembly of Pacific Media Workers Guild, TNG-CWA Local 39521, voted during a Special Meeting on Feb. 8, 2014, to deny an appeal filed by Executive Officer candidate Alex Abella concerning the 2013 Local Officers Election.

In the roll-call vote, 35 voted to deny the appeal, 4 to approve and 2 abstained.

Alex Abella, a member of the California Federation of Interpreters (CFI) unit of the Pacific Media Workers Guild,  submitted an appeal on January 16, 2014 to the Local’s 2013 election results.  Abella requested that the “governing body” of the Local annul the election and remove incumbent Carl Hall from office.

Appellant Abella was notified of the special meeting, invited to make a presentation, and invited to submit his own supporting documents so that the Local could distribute them to the Representative Assembly for consideration.

Abella did not submit documents or appear at the special meeting. Local president Rebecca Rosen Lum allowed CFI member Daniel Navarro to make a statement in support of appellant’s appeal.

Executive officer Carl Hall made a statement to deny appellant’s appeal and also objected to Navarro’s statement as out of order.

Voting members of the governing body of the Local were allowed to vote in person, via the provided audio/video link, and via absentee ballot by email.  The totals were as follows:

In person:

Votes to deny the appeal: 17

Votes to grant the appeal:  2

Votes to abstain:                 1


Absentee ballot:

Votes to deny the appeal: 18

Votes to grant the appeal:   2

Votes to abstain:                 1


Total votes to deny the appeal: 35

Total votes to grant the appeal:  4

Total abstentions:                       2


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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer