Unionplus.org is like AAA meets Amazon; discounts galore

Unionplus.orgIf you haven’t already signed up for your benefits from UnionPlus.org, take a couple minutes and do it now.  The website is chock full of links to vendors offering great discounts and the variety is amazing.  You can get discounts from AT&T as well as deep discounts on floral purchases, car rentals and tires. They offer financial support services, mortgage lending, even hardship help.

To begin your benefits, start the sign-in process by selecting “CWA/TNG” from the drop-down menu.  Your membership in Pacific Media Workers Guild makes you a member of The NewsGuild (TNG) and Communications Workers of America (CWA).  We are a “Local” of CWA – Local 39521.

Then, input your email address and finish the process.  You can choose to have notices sent – otherwise de-select that option.

With Christmas right around the corner, you are going to enjoy many specials and discounts.  Here are specific benefits for CWA members:


Here’s what UnionPlus says about itself:

  • Backed by the AFL-CIO, the Union Plus brand promises the value, quality service and competitive cost-savings that union members deserve. Since Union Privilege started in 1986, union members and their families have expanded and tailored Union Plus programs to serve today’s working families in their lives off-the-job.
  • At Union Privilege, we are committed to improving the quality of life of working families through our unique products and services. We achieve our mission through:
    Solidarity: Using the strength of unions and purchasing power of more than 13 million union members, we can negotiate good programs at competitive prices.
    Savings & Unique Programs: Quality programs and services promote better lifestyles for working families – including scholarships, travel discounts, auto insurance, financial services, legal service, everyday savings, hardship assistance and much more. 
    Service: Union Plus staff support consumers and advocate your rights and the best services with Union Plus program providers. Plus our consumer tips and resources help union members make informed decisions for themselves and their families.


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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer

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