Welcoming the Daily Kos Guild to PMWG

The Pacific Media Workers Guild is thrilled to officially welcome the Daily Kos Guild to our local.

This impressive group of workers persevered through a long organizing campaign to reach this point. Their unit was officially certified Wednesday morning after a card count conducted by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. DKG had signed union authorization cards from nearly 80% of its unit.

DKG now represents more than 55 workers of Daily Kos, a digital media outlet and progressive activism arm headquartered in the Bay Area. This guild includes journalists, activists, campaigners, analysts, tech workers and more from all over the country.

Please join us in celebrating their achievement by sharing their messages on Twitter @DailyKosGuild.

DKG released the following statement Thursday morning to announce their certification:

Yesterday, upon completing our card count, Daily Kos Guild was officially certified as the representative of a majority of Daily Kos employees across the country. We are deeply inspired by our members’ hard work over this nearly three-year organizing drive, who came together to support a more extensive and collective voice in the work of Daily Kos.

We are thankful to our organizing committee, which spent many months engaging with members, building consensus around workplace issues, and working to create solidarity across departments, time zones, and regions.

We also would be nowhere without the consistent and enthusiastic support of the Pacific Media Workers Guild and The NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America. They have provided us with their knowledge, care, and resources to help build and maintain our Guild.

As we begin bargaining our first contract, we will seek to improve workplace culture and morale, staff development/retention, reduce staff burnout, and secure additional employee resources through programs, wages, and benefits.

We hope to find common ground on these issues with Daily Kos and look forward to discussing what we believe our members deserve. Ultimately our most crucial goal is to serve the interests of our members and ensure we secure the essential resources that allow them to remain active, capable, and influential leaders in the progressive movement.

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