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Surviving poverty

By Danielle Parenteau/Bay News Rising

My mom and I live in a 100-square-foot single-room occupancy hotel in downtown San Francisco. We get by on about $14,000 per year.

Some people think that those who live in poverty or receive government aid want a free ride. The truth is -- the ride heads one way: to desperation and dependency, since rules punish initiative and errors can ensnare recipients like my mom and me in Catch-22 dramas that can last for months — in some cases, years.

At $265 a week, our rent costs nearly all we have, leaving us next to nothing for food, clothing, transportation and textbooks. Most of our cash flow comes from the financial aid I receive from San Francisco State University, where I am a senior majoring in journalism. I took out student loans to pay our rent.

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Danielle Parenteau studies journalism at SFSU. Photo by Sara Bloomberg 2014.

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Calling volunteers for 20th anniversary strike history committee

August 28, 2014

We are putting together a committee to decide how we’d like to honor the 20th anniversary of the San Francisco newspaper strike. Please volunteer.

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ASLIU: Closer, but still no deal

August 20, 2014

Compromise was the name of the game when Purple Communications and ASLIU negotiators met in San Francisco last Thursday after nearly four months away from the bargaining table.

Chris Rhomberg, author of The Broken Table, discusses the Detroit newspaper strike with members of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, at the Guild's offices in San Francisco.  Photo by Kevin Skahan 2014.

Broken Table author says bargaining is wrecked

August 21, 2014

The Detroit newspaper strike was not only one of the longest and largest strikes in history, it also marked the destruction of the negotiation table, argues Fordham University professor Chris Rhomberg.

George Kraw is a pension attorney who owns Kraw Law Group. Photo courtesy George Kraw 2014.

Why the Guild matters today

July 21, 2014

Good jobs, good benefits and a just society depend on workers acting together.

Mendez 6

Guild art show and panel on Méndez a hit

July 9, 2014

More than 40 people showed up at the Mexican Museum in Fort Mason on Tuesday night to learn about the Leopoldo Méndez prints discovered and restored by the Guild.

Oakland city council members. Front row from left: Noel Gallo, Dan Kalb, Libby Schaaf, Rebecca Kaplan
Back row from left: Patricia Kernighan, Larry Reid, Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Desley Brooks
Photo courtesy City of Oakland 2014

City transparency measure goes to Oakland voters

July 16, 2014

Thanks partly to the Pacific Media Workers Guild’s efforts, a city charter amendment aimed at improving transparency in local government and politics will go before Oakland voters in November.