Twelve Guild units bargain with DFM in Denver; no agreement yet

Representatives of the 12 Digital First Media Guild bargaining units met jointly with DFM management in Denver this week in an effort to reach agreement on all DFM contracts.

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East Bay talks may help set stage for national joint bargaining

June 17, 2016 East Bay Guild Bargaining Bulletin PLEASANTON — In the first significant conversations since the consolidation of the Bay Area dailies, East Bay Guild representatives met Friday with Digital First Media management to renew contract talks. The discussion focused on key open issues including pay, expenses and scheduling …

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CANCELLED: Executive Committee meeting May 21, 2016

Local 39521’s executive committee meeting scheduled for May 21, 2016, has been cancelled. The next Guild meeting will be an Exec Comm/Rep Assembly meeting on June 18 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. 2016 meeting schedule

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Send gossip, titillating trivia and scandal to: Who says an ergonomics workshop is ho-hum?  Not us.  In fact, it’s practically X-rated.  Consider these words of advice from the Chronicle’s amazing ergonomist, Anna Brock: “Some employees really want to be on top (of the desk)” and “You really have to …


Press Democrat seeks concessions while Guild holds out for modest pay increases

Press Democrat management continues to cite uncertainty in the news industry, rising health care costs and other factors as limits on what it can offer employees. Guild negotiators, also cognizant of these realities, sought reasonable pay increases in the 3 to 5 percent range and to limit increases in escalating health care costs for employees. But management balked at the offer.

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Talks to combine East Bay and Merc units suspended until company offers pay increase

Guild members and staff met for a third time with DFM management today to discuss the company’s proposal to merge the BANG and Mercury News contracts. We opted to suspend these talks and return to bargaining each contract separately. Once again, the Company had no pay proposal for workers who would be covered by the merged contract, and the Company also continued to propose that advertising employees would lose union protection.


Press Democrat offers anemic pay increase while demanding more for health care

Management is now proposing a 1 percent annual pay increase for employees who meet acceptable performance standards. Health care costs would remain the same for 2016, but by 2017, more of the financial burden would shift to employees and eventually there would be no cap on the employee share at all.


Merc and East Bay members hold second combined session with DFM

Guild negotiators from the BANG-East Bay and San Jose Mercury News met with Digital First Media management in a joint session to discuss the company’s proposed consolidation of the two bargaining units.


Press Democrat talks result in increased parenting and cell phone benes

The two sides agreed to a substantial increase in cell phone stipends from $50 to $65 per month. In addition, new rules will allow parents returning to work to seek a part-time schedule for up to one year so long as the scheduling needs can be worked out with a supervisor.