Tanner Stinchfield, Shannon Morris, Britt Lollis and Jessica Mironov began negotiations with St. Giles management in the Guild offices on Friday.

ESL teachers bargain for prep time and a health plan

St. Giles’ first full proposal includes language on teacher definitions, vacation and sick pay, different options for health plans and the acknowledgement that teachers work more than the hours they are scheduled


Press Democrat members seek modest gains; owners want more give-backs

Management offered a contract with no guaranteed pay increases, instead asking the union to accept what non-union employees would get, and to tie any increases to performance reviews. It also sought to raise the employee share of health costs, take away a week of sick leave accrual and eliminate the no-layoff guarantee. The union’s proposals include wage increases, higher employer contributions to the 401K, continuation of no-layoff provisions and enhanced work-life benefits.


McClatchy seeks aggressive commission plan in push for digital sales

A management proposal to overhaul the advertising commission promises to be the key issue as contract negotiations between the Sacramento Bee management and Pacific Media Workers Guild opened Wednesday, Nov. 18 at the paper’s 21st Street office.

MCH-Votes 2014

Calling all nominations for Local and unit leadership

Calling all nominations for Local and unit leadership! Nominations close during the General Membership meeting on Nov. 21.


Mercury bargaining emphasizes interests in economic gains, quality journalism.

October 9, 2015 The San Jose Mercury Guild bargaining committee met again Friday with company representatives in our continued contract talks. Our short-term contract extension expired Sept. 30 but all terms remain in place while we negotiate. The Guild presented the specifics of our economic proposal, which we introduced in …

MCH-Votes 2014

Guild leadership nominations open Oct. 17

It’s time to start thinking about who you’d like to nominate for our Local 39521 executive board and unit leadership positions.

Maui News members and their colleagues from the Honolulu Typographical Union. Photo by Chris Sugidono 2015

Maui News members and colleagues show unity

Our members at The Maui News recently had a unity action around some tough contract negotiations, donning ribbons to display solidarity. Members of the Honolulu Typographical Union joined in.

St Giles Adam Jessica Tanner-20151005

St. Giles teachers review proposal that includes seniority and union security

Your bargaining committee met with St. Giles’ lawyer. The Director remains on maternity leave. However, the Company did offer some “non-economic” proposals that agree with us on some important points, which we hope will make more space to discuss bringing health benefits and pay for all work to our members.

ESL teacher Adam Benson and Guild staff rep Kat Anderson. Photo by Staff 2015

ESL teachers bargain for paid prep and admin time

The team stood firm on the notion that teachers are hourly workers, that they work more than just when they are in the classroom, and that it is their right to be paid for every hour that they work for St. Giles.

Monterey Herald Guild members approved a new contract on Wednesday.  Pictured from left: Ana Ceballos, David Royal, Dennis Taylor, James Herrera, Tommy Wright, Phil Molnar (Unit Chair), Julie Reynolds, and Claudia Melendez.

Monterey Herald unit calls for across-the-board increases

Your Guild bargaining committee opened negotiations for a new contract with The Herald on Thursday, calling on management to do what it hasn’t done in six years: grant across-the-board pay increases to our members. Our contract with The Herald expires September 30.  If we bargain past the expiration date, the …