$1,000 Guild scholarship awarded to Benjamin Cabanatuan

The Pacific Media Workers Guild is pleased to offer Benjamin Cabanatuan a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 from the Russ Cain Memorial Student Aid Fund.

Benjamin is the son of Michael (San Francisco Chronicle Guild member) and Adrienne Cabanatuan, and will begin college at the University of Oregon this fall. In appreciation for the scholarship, Ben shared, “Thank you so much for offering me this scholarship. When I was really little my dad used to take me to guild meetings in the red brick room. When I used to go to those meetings with my dad I met Russ Cain and I am honored to receive a scholarship in his name. Back when I used to go to meetings I didn’t understand the importance of guilds and especially the importance of this one to our family. This guild helps protect my dad and gives him higher pay but most importantly allows him to work in a job where he can make a difference. I plan on using the scholarship money on textbooks and other school supplies based towards my major. I am planning to study human physiology with an ultimate end goal of becoming a physical therapist or an athletic trainer. Thank you again for the scholarship. I greatly appreciate it.”

Russ Cain was a beloved member of our Guild who worked for the Monterey Herald as a photographer. He dedicated countless hours of his life in service to the Guild. He was our first “techie” who volunteered to start our website and set up a member database. He also loved Opera and trains. You can read more about him here:http://mediaworkers.org/scholarship-memorial-honor-beloved-guild-veteran/.

The Fund is sustained each year through thoughtful contributions from the members of our Guild Retiree Unit, and has supported many Guild family members over the years. We’re blessed to pay it forward.

We’re so proud of your hard work in high school, especially how you persevered to the end through COVID and distance learning. Your investment in your community through athletics and Boy Scouts (and attending all those union meetings!) speaks volumes to the impact you’re going to make in the future as well. Congratulations on the milestone!


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