BANG East Bay negotiations reveal possible sale by year’s end

By George Kelly
Unit Chair

bang-east-bay-buttonGuild negotiators met with management representatives Thursday in Pleasanton to present a new proposal in light of recent strategic developments involving Digital First Media.

The Guild proposed “an extension, plus,” meaning an extension of the current contract on a shortened timeline ending June 30, 2015 (rather than a typical one-year term). In addition, we are asking for 2% lump sum bonuses and two unrestricted paid days off to add to the contractual vacation accrual.

Management representatives Marshall Anstandig and Shannon Hogan took the Guild proposal under advisement acknowledging that they might respond informally in about a week.

In addition, management representatives spoke in candor about Digital First’s exploration of strategic alternatives, saying that there had been interest from parties in signing non-disclosure agreements and viewing related financials. The company could have an announcement about the sale process before the end of the year.

No new negotiations have been set.

Guild Unit representatives:
George Kelly, BANG East Bay unit chair
Kat Anderson, Pacific Media Workers Guild administrative officer
Darren Carroll, The Newspaper Guild international representative

Management representatives:
Marshall Anstandig
Shannon Hogan

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