Chronicle Pay Equity committee details

Fall 2016

Several of our Chronicle Guild members had been wondering about pay inequities given the history of newspaper publishing and the homogeneous demographics of those in charge and those getting the higher compensation.  A small team started to take a look at pay data that the Chronicle provides to the Guild, as required by our collective bargaining agreement.  We first looked at editorial positions, and we grouped folks according to their customary assignments.  A person with statistical skills reviewed what we put together and provided analysis.  The results were stark.

As luck would have it, new law in California requires equitable pay regardless of gender, race or ethnicity for “similar work” (rather than the “same” work).  And, the law requires employers to take action to ensure pay equity. The law reaffirms employees’ rights to discuss compensation openly, and prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for exercising these rights.

In an effort to work collaboratively with Chronicle management to ensure our members are paid equitably, the Guild reached out to the senior vice president of human resources, shared our findings, and asked to meet to discuss these issues. Unfortunately, our attempt to form a positive channel of communication was rebuffed.  Given that strong policy considerations and grieveable/legal issues are involved, we must move forward in our advocacy for pay equity. Below, you can read the correspondence between the Guild and Chronicle management.  We will update the list as substantive communications continue.  More TK…

9/21/16 Guild letter to Renee Peterson re Pay Equity findings

10/4/2016 Peterson refused a meeting

10/25/16 The Guild filed a grievance on the refusal to meet

12/2/16 Tentative meeting date with Guild Pay Equity Committee members and Hearst lawyer

Our pay equity analysis so far edited in a few places to eliminate any cases where an individual’s pay would be revealed.

Our Pay Equity Committee:

Rita Beamish
Mike Cabanatuan
Kevin Fagan
Caroline Grannan
Leah Garchik
Emily Green
Lily Janiak
Joaquin Palomino
Steve Rubenstein
Carolyn Said
Rachel Swan
Linda Houser Tafur
Carolyne Zinko
Tara Duggan
Marissa Lang

If you have questions and/or would like to join the committee, please contact any committee member above, unit chair Caroline Grannan, and/or Guild representative Kat Anderson (Administrative Officer) at (415) 298-1335.

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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer

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