DFM solidarity actions. Show your news!

Dear Mighty Media Workers:

Please read and share this membership bulletin about our Digital First Media (DFM) campaign action with all your colleagues, compadres and friends in solidarity with news! Please circulate and post TODAY!

Also here is a link to the poster we will be using for our joint, nationwide solidarity action on Wednesday, February 27. Please print these and attach them to your workspaces and bulletin boards TOMORROW!

San Francisco Chronicle unit members of the Guild get behind the truism that “Democracy Depends on Journalism.” Photo by Media Workers staff 2017

This solidarity action marks the three-month countdown to contract negotiations in 12 Guild bargaining units nationwide, with the Denver Mailers to follow just a couple of months later. Bargaining will begin in May; the 12 Guild contracts expire July 31. (The Mailers’ contract expires in September.)

On Wednesday, please encourage your co-workers to wear their #NewsMatters T-shirts and take group photos in each unit using the poster and – if you have it available – the Democracy Depends on Journalism banner that we used on World Press Freedom Day in 2017. Tweet and share your photos using #AldenExposed and, if you’ve got room, tag @dfmworkers. Julie (juliereynolds007@gmail.com) will post many of them on our @dfmworkers and and facebook.com/dfmworkers.

In solidarity,

Your Guild Local 39521|Pacific Media Workers Guild|Contact: Interim Executive Officer Kat Anderson(415) 298-1335 kanderson@mediaworkers.org

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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer