Help save the Labor Studies Program at CCSF

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Our friends at CCSF’s Labor and Community Studies Program face cutbacks and consolidation stemming from the institution’s financial troubles. They need our help to preserve their program’s hard-fought gains.

CCSF officials have mentioned cutting classes and obtaining concessions from its labor unions as strategies for saving. Read more about their struggle here.

You can show your support by joining students, faculty, staff and concerned members of the public for a rally Thursday, Nov. 15 at noon in Ram Plaza, also called the Quad, in City College of San Francisco’s Ocean Campus.

You can also add your name to an online petition in support of the Labor Studies and other diversity programs at CCSF. Sign the petition here.

CCSF officials have said they want to consolidate its Diversity Departments as part of a plan to maintain its accreditation. The Diversity Departments include Labor and Community Studies; Interdisciplinary Studies; Women’s Studies; Latino/Latina Studies; African American Studies, Asian Studies and Philippine Studies.

Many students, faculty and staff fear consolidation will lead these departments to lose autonomy, deny representation to diverse communities and lead to layoffs. They want the government to bail out CCSF to prevent program and class cuts.

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