Signed, sealed, delivered

Derek Moore, chair of the Guild unit at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, and new CEO Steve Falk signed a three-year labor contract Monday that guarantees no layoffs for the life of the agreement.

Guild officers also met with on-line staff whose jobs are now covered by the contract for the first time because of improved jurisdiction provisions. The agreement brings a one-time pay reduction and other economic concessions that helped to convince a group of local investors, led by Sonoma lobbyist Darius Anderson, to buy the paper and its affiliates from Halifax Media which owned it for ten months after a transaction with the New York Times.

Click HERE to read the contract.


Photo by Kat Anderson/Freelance unit 2012.
Kat Anderson

Kat Anderson

Pacific Media Workers Guild Administrative Officer/Business Agent, founder of Bay News Rising mentorship program for college journalism students and editor of mediaworkers.org.

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