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ASLIU logoPurple Bargaining Update #18

While ASLIU and Purple representatives inched closer on a key article when they met last Thursday in San Francisco, overall agreement on a first-ever union contract for VIs remained frustratingly elusive.

While disappointed that more wasn’t achieved in the meeting, the ASLIU team remains optimistic that the contract is now within reach. These negotiations haven’t been easy for either side. Both sides have had to make sometimes painful adjustments to their initial positions to find workable compromises. The continued strong support of the memberhsip has been the key factor for us throughout the bargaining. Without that support, we could have achieved nothing. With it, we have been able to negotiate strong protections against unfair treatment and some positive – although not always perfect – changes to working conditions.

Our goal now is to make the finishing touches and bring a contract to you for ratification as quickly as possible. We expect to continue to move in that direction when we next meet with management in San Diego on September 24.

ASLIU National Bargaining Team:

Mary Jane Moore, Arizona: National Unit Chair
Lindsey Antle, Denver: National Vice Chair
Margie Brooks, Member at Large
Michelle Caplette, Arizona: National Vice Chair
Laurie Rivard, Oakland: National Vice Chair
Martin Yost, San Diego: National Vice Chair
Bruce Meachum, PMWG Representative: Chief Spokesperson

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Michael Applegate

Pacific Media Workers Executive Officer