Bay Area News Group East Bay Bulletin #8


WALNUT CREEK – On Thursday, the Guild presented a revised proposal that clarified priorities in the achievement of parity with the San Jose Mercury News contract.

Economic items included a 37.5-hour work week, three percent raises in 2014 and 2015 with a contract term of three years and no pay reductions during the life of the agreement. The Guild proposed a pay schedule that includes steps from beginning of employment to six years of service, to go into effect immediately. The schedule tracks what is currently in place at the Mercury News.

The Guild renewed its demand that management change the mileage reimbursement formula to the current IRS rate.

The Guild also sought a management response about communicating with reporters about work schedules and vacations, some of the hazards of working in certain areas of the East Bay, the possibility of allowing employees to work closer to home, and details about a substantial training grant that the Company received from the State of California.

Management caucused to consider the Guild’s proposals. When its team returned, an explanation about the training grant was offered.  The meeting quickly closed with management’s promise to prepare a more thorough written response.  A date of June 19 was set for the next round of negotiations.

Present for management: Jim Janiga, Marshall Anstandig, Andy Huntington, and Shannon Hogan.

Present for the Guild:  George Kelly, Daniel Willis, Jennifer Modenessi, Kat Anderson and Carl Hall (staff).



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