San Jose Mercury News management wants status quo

San Jose Mercury News unit
Bargaining Bulletin #3

Your Guild bargaining committee met for a third round of talks today with company representatives Marshall Anstandig and Andy Huntington.

The company now proposes that we extend the current contract for another year. Our current contract, which expired June 30, remains in effect while contract negotiations continue. The contract can be found at the following link:

The Guild has proposed a 3 percent wage increase in each of the next three years, a fifth week of vacation after 15 years of service, and resumption of an employee 401k match, as well as other improvements that would begin to restore wages and benefits we have lost in recent contracts. The company continues to reject any economic increases, based on lagging ad revenue.

No new bargaining dates have been set, but we expect to resume negotiations in September and will be seeking your input on next steps.

Thanks for your continued attention and support.

Please feel free to contact any and all of your bargaining committee members at any time:

Karen de Sá –

Mark Emmons –

Nhat Meyer –

Mike Cassidy –

Lisa Krieger-


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